Liveware Systems was founded in 1987 by Roger Davis with the goal of providing bespoke software to small and medium sized companies who would not, under normal circumstances, be able to justify the commitment of having their own systems development and programming personnel.

Most businesses in this category at the time, and to a large extent still today, purchased general purpose software packages which were so generalised so as to cater for a wide range of businesses that they were not exactly what anybody needed. Consequently, tried and tested, long established working practices had to be changed to suit the peculiarities of the software. This left a niche, or rather a gaping hole in the market for tailor-made, competitively priced software to work in line with established practices.

Based in South Gloucestershire, Liveware Systems has built up long term working relationships with many companies in the West of England in areas of manufacturing and service ranging from electrical contactors to furniture manufacturers via insurance repairers.